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ARJUN - Angel Card Reading and Tarot Reading in Denmark

Chat with ARJUN - Angel Card Reading and Tarot Reading in Denmark online. 5-10 years of experience in Tarot Reading. Hi and a very warm welcome! I am an intuitive tarot reader, numerologist, and pranic healer and here on Oranum to share my knowledge and gifts with the world. Previously from the world of business, I was drawn to the tarot after getting some readings and seeing how this divine art of tarot reading can be so accurate even if date of birth is not available sometimes, unlike the other sciences like numerology and astrology that are so dependent on a person's DOB. The Tarot is a mystical deck of cards divided into 22 Major Arcana (greater secrets and the more spiritual messages or life lessons) and 56 Minor Arcana (the cards that deal with the more day-to-day or mundane matters, that provide deep attitudinal and spiritual guidance and predictive answers when a question is asked of it. A lot depends on asking the right questions.........and the answers are always there! The Tarot is one of those divining methods that seek to find answers for human predicaments, doubts, and difficulties. Personally I like the Tarot for how far the cards can see - not just for the shorter term, but also for the longer term. Yes, the Tarot can see far ahead in years and show you all the inner and outer transitions in our journey of life. I am myself a skeptic turned believer of the Tarot. And reading the Tarot to help my fellowmen is just one of the ways I can show my gratitude & service to this divine art. The guidance showed in a reading can be a life changer! Every tarot reader is unique in how he/she connects with their Tarot decks.....for in a sense, the cards are like your best friend. The style of each reader is different........and there is nothing like a wrong or right method. It's purely intuitive and flexible, and that is the beauty of reading tarot......always fascinating! Please join me in private if you need help with any questions on your love life, marriage, career choices, to stay or to leave a situation, the likely outcomes, the most likely time frames, what you need to do/understand about your situation, the suggested attitude or actions, and just about anything you need to know answers for. Oranum does not allow free readings in free chat unless it is demo time. So please join me in private for answers or updates. Please be pleasant, civil, and courteous in free chat. Ask no questions about my personal life. I look forward to serving you! Blessings, Tarotintuitiv Arjun

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