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Chat with CloudSong - Angel Card Reading and Tarot Reading in Denmark online. 2 years of experience in Tarot Reading. Hello! My name is CloudSong. I am a Medium, Clairvoyant, Empath and Intuitive. MY READINGS: I read my Faery Oracle Cards. This deck has been with me for several years and has served me well. I turn to this deck often for many different circumstances. The Faery never let me down. I also read my Arch Angel Michael Oracle Cards. These cards are uplifting and bring light and hope into every situation. These cards and I connect very well and they are spot on every time! At the end of every reading, it leaves you with a peace within, that no matter what the situation is, it will be alright...and you will overcome it. GROWING UP: As I stated above, I am Intuitive, so I go a lot by my gut feelings. Growing up I really was blessed. I had a WONDERFUL childhood. I could not have asked for better parents! As a teenager, I began to get "feelings" and would get "creeped out" at certain things. I learned to follow my gut instinct. That is when I tuned into my Intuitiveness, but I was not sure what it was at that time. It served me well on many many occasions,and every time I did NOT follow it, something bad would happen! Many times I would have "Deja Vu". First time I remember driving my mothers car home from our family video store, so my best friend drove my car, as my mother would not drive when it would snow. It had snowed and gotten very slippery. We lived in the North! We lived in the back of our subdivision that was on a winding road with a bridge. My friend was in front of me. I saw her turn into the subdivision, drive down the road, and disappear down the side of the bridge. (I came too,realized it was a dream) and then realized I had turned into the subdivision myself somehow, and was watching my tail lights of my car in front of me. All was normal.... Then their they went just as I saw a minute ago.. down the road and off the side of the bridge and into the creek. Just as I had seen before I turned into the subdivision a few minutes before... (My friend was fine.. it was a small creek....) The Deja Vu still happen to this day, I just handle it better, and accept it better now. READING CLOUDS: I also read the clouds. I do not read the clouds in the room, as there is not a way to connect with the clouds outside and be in private with a client to do a reading. I have been asked over and over how do I read the clouds? Let me explain this now: When I feel the clouds are trying to tell me something,or I want to ask a question to them, I look into the sky til I find out exactly where I am supposed to look. As the clouds start to move, they tell me what they want, what they want me to know. They start to form pictures like a movie, yes they move and create shapes. Sometimes I close my eyes and just listen as well. When I know they are done telling me what they want me to know, they disappear. Instantly. I say it is like an Etch-a-sketch. Like someone shook it up. Instantly gone. Back to normal clouds within a minute! The experience is beautiful! THINGS I LOVE: I am a mother of two daughters. I love to spend time with my family and friends. I own a local business that keeps me busy throughout the year. I love to make candles with my daughters on my spare time. I love to spend time outdoors. I love to meditate, I love a variety of music. Thank you for listening. Please check out my testimonial/feedback from my clients, and stop by my room to say HI and check out my energy. Thank You, Light and Blessings, CloudSong

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