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Chat with Magdalene144 - Angel Card Reading and Tarot Reading in Denmark online. 25-30 years of experience in Tarot Reading. First let me say how very important my clients are to me. They come to me with serious concerns and I take what I do very seriously. I give myself completely to each person. I will help with issues of love, career or whatever is heavy on your heart. I have been empathic since I was a child. Through keeping my body, mind and spirit very pure, I have now become a Master Intuitive Healer. I am able to connect with passed on loved ones if the time is right for this connection. I have done work on many that say I have changed their lives. This gift is humbling and many times brings me to tears. I give the credit to my Creator for I am just the vessel. I am a Medicine Woman/Shaman....gifted with the "otter" medicine bundle by Lakota Shaman. Mother Earth feeds us and the Native people have always know this and honored it. The feathers I frequently wear in my hair are in honor of my Native brothers and sisters of all Tribes. I am also a Reiki Practitioner Master Level and a Melchizedek Priest. I have the ability to see past lives if that information is necessary for health and healing. I just recently closed my health food store where I assisted many clients with diet, nutrition and Reiki for healing. I taught a few classes at the local university on nutrition. My life path is 8 the same as Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce. What I do with my healing abilities is very similar except I don't need to be in a trance to "see". If I can touch one life and make it a bit more a peace by my gifts, I am honored. I have studied all aspects of every religion and I teach an online group. I have witnessed what happens when you walk the "pure" path and how your soul does truly ascend. I live by synchronicity! I am very studied on the subject of Twin Flame relationships and Soul Mates. If you do a reading with me I will help you discover which relationship you are experiencing now, and how to know the difference. There are distinct differences. I help many to discover their true "gifts" I am the healer for those that need to see their Divine Light. We all have gifts but there are certain steps one must take to bring those gifts forward. I teach from my many years of study on a daily basis in my chat room. I am honored to be here and help as many as the Creator and the Guardian Angels place before me. RULES OF COURTESY IN MY CHAT: Please be polite when you enter my free chat for most of the time I am teaching. Remember you are entering a space that others were already please say hello and introduce yourself to the room and you will be surrounded by the most loving energy. ALL HELP AND ANSWERS ARE DONE IN PRIVATE READINGS ONLY...When you take me privately, I will give you every bit of my complete attention. This is my "calling" job for whatever time I have left is to bring as many as I can into the Light so that they may have healthy lives and healthy relationships. I will also help with career advice as many business men and women have come to me and been helped. Please come join our Circle and experience the Miracles that happen daily. May the Creator of Love and Light Bless you and Keep you. So Be it! ~~~~~~~~~~@~~~~~~~~~~@~~~~~~~~~@~~~~~~~~~~@ FOR ALL MEMBERS HAVING ANY TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES PLEASE TRY THE FOLLOWING: 1) Please clean cache and delete cookies from your browser; 2) Clean Flash cache memory: --- click on ""Delete all sites"", and move the slider to the far right to ""Unlimited""; 3) Regularly update your Flash Player; 4) Please try to use Oranum services with another browser, or update your browser to the latest version; ~~~~~@~~~~~~@~~~~~~~@~~~~~~~@ TESTIMONIALS FROM THOSE I HAVE BEEN BLESSED TO HELP: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@~@~@~@~@ How do I love thee Magdalene, let me count the ways!!! You are THEE most beautiful soul. Our connection is amazing, like sisters. I just adore her to bits!! She touches my heart and makes me feel so comforted. I know when I come to her, I will get honesty, compassion, loyalty and the truth. She helped me find my baby ie. my cat who went missing. I was a wreck and she told me he'd be back. She kept getting a '9'. On the 9th of the month, he returned. Go pvt with this beautiful woman! You will be so glad you did! I always am!!! bellacasey21, XOXOXO ~~~~@~~@~~~~ Mags is Intuitive and in tune, understanding and caring with wisdom, she works on a high vibration with the angels. She also works in a non-judgmental way and is sincere with all help and healing she gives. Thank you! mahoo122, England @~~~~~@~~~~~@ What a connection. Felt like i knew her from my past. she was right on. We had just the MOST AMAZING connection. I would give her 5+ stars. Right on point. I felt like i was talking to a sister or mother. I cant wait to update her on the predictions. sandyfit7, gainesville ~~@~~~~~@~~~~~@ I have spoken to many readers all over the world. Magdalene is completely clear and accurate, and provides tangible advice. Her guidance helped me to get a wonderful job. Thank you Mags from the bottom of my heart. xxxoxxx jassna, perth ~~@~~@~~@~~@

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